Welcome to the Residential Products. Here you will see a variety of Home Trailers ranging from one room, one bathroom to four rooms, two bathrooms. All of our Home Trailers are custom made according to what the client needs. 


Step 1

Website. Carefully review the Home Trailers at alltrailerpr.com so you can become familiar with the product. If you are interested in obtaining one then you must have a place to install it. 

Step 2

Coordinate an appointment in order to see our showroom and clarify any doubts or questions. Based on what you need we will draw a preliminary design of the home unit and verbally give you an approximate price rate.

Step 3

Coordinate a visit to the area where the unit will be delivered and leveled. Distance, route, access, location, surroundings (fences, cabling, trees, etc.) will be evaluated. The information gathered will help us determine how to deliver your home. This visit entails and additional fee which will be credited to the final price of the unit. The fee also includes diagram development and quote.  

Step 4

All Trailer will develop customized diagrams according to the size chosen by the client. Client will review, modify and select final diagram. 

Step 5

Client will select materiales, finishes, and accessories (floors, doors, windows, facade, kitchen cabinets, lights, etc.) for the unit. Once everything has been chosen, All Trailer will prepare a quote.

Step 6

Client will make initial payment to begin unit construction. The unit will be constructed in All Trailers workshop. Once it is completed, the client will inspect it, pay off balance and coordinate delivery date. 

Step 7

Delivery and leveling of the home unit.


1. Is a permit required to place a trailer unit "Modular residence" on your property?

Some towns require permits for trailer unit "Modular Residence". We advise each customer with their City Hall to make a final determination. 

2. What does the customer need to do prior to the arrival of the trailer?

The customer needs to obtain a permit, if applicable. Also, have a level truck-accesible site. 

3. What is the warranty for the unit?

It has a one year factory warranty from the original purchase date. 

4. Does the unit include air conditioner?

When buying a new unit you are able to choose the AC system and the cost will depend on the equipment chosen. 

5. Do you require a security deposit?


6. How long does it take to put the Home Trailer together on-site?

This work usually takes our crew from 2 to 4 days. 

7. What type of foundation can I use?

All Trailer can install on any type of foundation. Common foundations include concrete, blocks, pads, and piers.

8. Why there are no prices listed on your website?

Since the units are custom made the prices will always differ.

9. How long does it take to build a unit trailer?

This will vary depending on the time of year, special order materials and complexity of the plan. But in most cases from the time you place the order and we have received your payment, it takes about 6 weeks.

10. Are All Trailer units hurricane proof?

There are no hurricane proof unit designs that we know of, but based on our customers experience, All Trailer units are very resistant. 

11. Do your units have plumbing/ electricity/ air conditioning pre-installed?

In most cases all of the plumbing and lighting fixtures are installed before it arrives at your site. The air conditioning systems are attached to the unit, and the plumbing fixtures are under the unit and must be connected to the sewer or septic system on site. After it is setup on your site you will need to hire licensed electricians, plumbers, and telephone installers to connect the utilities. 

12. Can I make a change to a website floorplan?

Yes, we can customize your unit to suit your design preferences. 

13. Do you supply the land to go with the home?


14. Can I rent a Home Trailer from All Trailer?

Currently, we do not have a rental program in place for our home trailers.

15. Can I get insurance on my home trailer?

You can get insurance the same way you get insurance for a site built home. We insure the home trailer from the time you order until it is finished and installed. From that point on, you are responsible for your own insurance. 

16. What if I want to do some work on the home trailer myself?

You can order a Home Trailer with or without many finishes, like cabinets, floor types, etc. You can also opt to have your own contractors set it. 

17. How can I found out even more information?

You can look over our website. It has a floorplan options, pictures, descriptions of the trailer units we offer, and general information. Also, you may call us during business hours for any help or suggestions. Or if you want an in-depht experience on what All Trailer units are all about, call us and schedule an appointment.

18. What does it cost to deliver & set up a trailer home?

We do not have separate pricing to set and install a home. Each home delivery is evaluated based on location size and complexity of a home. As for the home set up, we will set it in place, level it, but you will need to hire licensed electricians, plumbers, and telephone installers to connect the outside utilities. 

19. Do the unit homes come with garage and porches?

No. But they can be built. Those items are an extra cost.

20. Can I choose what I want for my home?

Yes. We have many options to choose from. You can pick the floorplan from any house listed on our website or give us your own and select your interior/exterior décor including the floor type, doors, windows...and any extras (jacuzzi, soaker tubs, etc.).

21. Can I have hardwood floor or ceramic tiles?


22. How do I prepare my site for delivery?

The delivery site is the customers responsibility and should be a leveled surface. Also, the site needs to be accessible and the area marked out.

23. Do your homes come furnished?

Usually the home trailers include a kitchen cabinet with sink and a fully furnished bathroom (sink, toilet, and shower). However, they do not include kitchen appliances or any other sort of furnishes.  


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