The Educational Products are a great option for schools everywhere that are looking for a space solution. This trailers can be use as Classrooms, Teacher Lounges, Cafeterias, Gymnasiums, Libraries, among others. This units can be built as single, double, triple wide or even bigger. It will all depend on how much space is needed. 

12' x 40'

Step 1

Website. Carefully review the Office Trailers at www.alltrailerpr.com so you can become familiar with the product. The Home Page contains a list of available units for Sale and Rent. Find them at Available Now > View All.

Step 2

Fill out an Office and Commercial Trailer Quote form. To find the forms click on Inquire > Rent Quote. As soon as we receive it we will contact you. 

Step 3

A drawing of the unit will be made allowing you to have a better understanding of the dimensions and the configuration of the trailer. This drawing does not have to be final...if you need to change the layout it can be done. The drawing will be sent along with the quote. If both are approved, an Invoice will be prepared and sent by email. 

Step 4

If the Trailer is going to be rented, a Rental Agreement will be sent and once it has been signed by both parties the Trailer can be delivered. 

Step 5

All Trailer will transport the unit on the chosen date and it will be placed and leveled on the designated area. The client needs to make sure the area is clear, it has an easy access, and there is no cabling, trees or any fences interfering. But, if the client is buying the unit and have the proper equipment to transport it, it can be done.

1. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the AC of a rental unit?

It is responsibility of the client to prevent dirty filters from causing failure of the AC or its components. All Trailer can also offer AC maintenance for an additional cost. 

2. Is routine maintenance and cleaning included in my monthly rent?

The daily trailer maintenance and cleaning is your responsibility while on lease and the unit should be returned in the same condition as it was received. 

3. What does the customer need to do prior to the arrival of the trailer?

The customer needs to obtain a permit, if applicable. Also, have a level truck-accesible site. 

4. Can I move the trailer with my pickup truck to save delivery charges?

No. you may not on a rental unit due to insurance requirements and liability. If you purchase the unit you may do so. 

5. Do you have holding tanks for the waste water?

Yes. All trailer rents holding tanks and can provide a pumping service. 

6. Am I allowed to move my unit from spot to spot onsite or from site to site myself?

No. All trailer requires that you allow us to perform this service on leased units for various reasons. First, there is always the possibility of damaging the unit when moving it, and we prefer to carry that responsibility. Second, if a unit has any service calls because it has been moved (not by All Trailer), we will not be liable to repair them. 

7. Will All Trailer move or relocate a non-All Trailer unit?

All Trailer will be glad to move any unit owned by a customer for a relocation charge, considering the following: physical condition of the unit, location, and destination. 

8. What solution do you offer for unit security?

All Trailer offers window security and door bars to prevent unauthorized access into your unit. Also, we can secure your unit with an insurance policy. 

9. What is the warranty for the unit?

If the trailer is new, it has a one year factory warranty from the original purchase date. If it is used, it has none. 

10. Does the unit include air conditioner?

If it is a rented unit it comes with AC. If you are buying a new unit you are able to choose the AC system and the cost will depend on the equipment chosen. 

11. When will you begin to bill me rent?

After the unit(s) is(are) delivered and set-up at your site, you will be billed.

12. Do you prorate rent?


13. Do you require a security deposit?


14. What are the billing terms?

Net 10 days from the date of Invoice. 

15. Can I continue to rent beyond my original contracted rental term?

Yes, you may continue on a month-to-month basis, or extend the term for a specific period of time.

16. What type of foundation can I use?

All Trailer can install on any type of foundation. Common foundations include concrete, blocks, pads, and piers.

17. Why there are no prices listed on your website?

Since the units are custom made the prices will always differ.

18. Are All Trailer units hurricane proof?

There are no hurricane proof unit designs that we know of, but based on our customers experience, All Trailer units are very resistant. We have never lost a home due to high winds. 

19. Do your units have plumbing/ electricity/ air conditioning pre-installed?

In most cases all of the plumbing and lighting fixtures are installed before it arrives at your site. The air conditioning systems are attached to the unit, and the plumbing fixtures are under the unit and must be connected to the sewer or septic system on site. After it is setup on your site you will need to hire licensed electricians, plumbers, and telephone installers to connect the outside utilities. 

20. Are there insurance requirements associated with renting a unit? 

All Trailer can provide you an insurance policy, but we also accept private insurance endorsement provided it meets the following terms: a Certificate of Liability insurance of a million dollar limit, Property insurance (Inland Marine) for the value of the property, should name All Trailer Office, Inc. as additional insured and loss payee meeting all the requirements presented in the lease, and verify the serial number beginning AT and the value for the Office Trailer are listed in the policy. 

21. Can I make a change to a website floorplan?

Yes, we can customize your unit to suit your design preferences.

22. How many square feet should I use per person to calculate a building size?

The building code requirements and the customer's comfort level space are the most important items to consider when choosing an appropriate building size. Please see guideline below:

Education (Classroom) - 30 sq. ft. per student

General Office Space - 100 sq. ft. per person

Assembly Space - 15 sq. ft. per person

23. Can I visit All Trailer Office and personally see the model units?


24. How can I found out even more information?

You can look over our website. It has a floorplan options, pictures, descriptions of the trailer units we offer, and general information. Also, you may call us during business hours for any help or suggestions. Or if you want an in-depht experience on what All Trailer units are all about, call us and schedule an appointment so we can give you a tour of our units. 

25. Can I make renovations to purchased units?

Yes. We can help you renovate a purchased unit whether it it is a layout change like going from a single office layout to a double office layout or an exterior finish update like skirting and ramps.

26. How do I prepare my site for delivery?

The delivery site is the customers responsibility and should be a level dirt surface. Also, the site needs to be accessible and the area marked out.